Therr Maitz – Container

Клип на песню Container вышел 13 февраля 2018 года. Сюжет ролика – воспоминания умирающего старика.

Режиссёр: Сергей Минадзе. Актеры: Тина Далакишвили, Савелий Кудряшов, Григорий Служитель, Ася Чистякова, Ксения Шундрина, Иван Чернов, Степан Деревянкин, Александра Ковалева, Кай Гец, Михаил Вихляев, Степан Игнатьев.


Текст песни Therr Maitz Container

I’m here

You see me
That’s just made my day
I’m going back, I hide and get away

Someone comes here to use
Someone comes here to find
Too many human stories, I can’t deny

Try to enjoy my losses
A large coffee to take away
Constantly on repeat
Like Groundhog Day

I find it all right and I
Don’t jump over my head
I’m laying low till I’m okay instead

Cause I’m a container
I thought that
My foolish heart would never be in standby mode, and now it shows

How it breaks
With every missed call it slowly turns to dust, It’s a pity ‘cause
I found the words

No shapes
No colors
Filters and disco balls
The lines are blurred, and I can’t see at all

Someone comes here to lose
Someone comes here to hide
Too many human stories, I can’t deny

What my soul contains is
A memory
Of all the things that I have lost.
Dreams upload. Overloaded.

The moment I lost her
I blame it on the borders I have built.
The phase that I’m stuck in
I realize
It hurts
She’s gone but I’m still here
To find the words

Therr Maitz – Container

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